Simon Jack

Before becoming Business Editor, covering world events in the sector from
money markets to tech Simon Jack cut his teeth in the commercial and
investment banking world in London, New York and Bermuda. He studied Politics
Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University and joined the BBC as a
business journalist in 2003 covering stories for Radio 4’s Today programme and
BBC Breakfast. He occasionally revisits the Today studio as presenter.

During the banking crisis in September 2006 he covered the Federal takeover of
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the bailout of
AIG and the Lloyds TSB takeover of HBOS.

Simon filmed a special edition of Panorama, in which he investigated the
circumstances surrounding his father’s death in order to explore why more
middle-aged men kill themselves than any other group. The programme aired on
BBC One in April 2015.