Nick Wallis

Nick was trained by the BBC and has been a broadcast journalist for more than 20 years. He left his staff job to go freelance in 2004, and has since worked as a reporter for Radio 1 Newsbeat, ITV News, 5 News, the One Show and BBC Inside Out. He has worked as a presenter for BBC Surrey, Channel 5 and BBC 5 live. He started following the Post Office Horizon IT scandal in 2010 and made his first BBC investigation in 2011. He took the story to Private Eye and the One Show and produced his first Panorama on the subject in 2015. In 2018 he ran away from television to set up a crowdfunded blog, reporting the progress of the Bates v Post Office litigation at the High Court. After the case finished he co-wrote a Private Eye special called Justice Lost in the Post, presented another Panorama called Scandal at the Post Office, and presented a ten-part award-winning BBC Radio 4 series called The Great Post Office Trial. He also used his crowd-funding and live-tweeting skills to good effect in the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard libel trial during last year’s lockdown. He has doorstepped lots of baddies, interviewed Madonna, Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, Nick Cave, David Attenborough and every Prime Minister since Tony Blair (except Gordon Brown, dammit). He is currently working as a series consultant on an ITV primetime drama provisionally titled People v Post Office and writing a book called The Great Post Office Scandal, which will be published this autumn. In December’s Press Gazette awards he received an honourable mention for Journalist of the Year.