Joanne Segars

Joanne holds a number of non-executive, trustee and consultancy roles.

She joined the IGC in January 2019, the same year she became Chair of NOW: Pensions, one of the UK’s largest auto enrolment pension providers. Joanne is also Chair of the Joint Expert Panel on the Universities Superannuation Scheme. In May 2017, she became the first Chair of LGPS Central Ltd, the asset manager for 9 Midlands-based local authority pension funds.

Currently a director of the Pensions Policy Institute, Joanne has held many other high profile roles. These include Board memberships of the Environment Agency, PensionsEurope and the Pensions Infrastructure Platform. She’s also been Chair of these last two organisations, as well as an expert adviser to the CERN pension fund working group and Chief Executive of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (formerly the NAPF). She joined that organisation from the Association of British Insurers where she was Head of Pensions and Savings.