Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu

‘Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu is a future human rights Lawyer and charity founder, disability activist, content creator, speaker and Law Graduate from the University of Warwick.

Despite her frequent hospitalisations and blood transfusions since the age of 5, which persisted during her degree; Danielle

garnered insight from the nuances of her experience as a young black disabled woman and whilst a student, she began to utilise her voice to inspire change in the Global Health community.

Since then, Danielle has become a prolific speaker evidenced by her well received TED x Talk “The Big Black Blood Issue” in addition to speaking engagements at Google, Facebook and appearances on BBC Africa and ITV news. As a result of her public advocacy and her recent petition work to change government legislation on Sickle Cell care, in 2020 she was recognised as a ‘Next Gen Trailblazer’ for her work and contribution to British life, by the Duke Harry and Duchess Megan.

As a black disabled women she continues to challenge the boundaries of systemic discrimination within all spheres of life through her advocacy work. Addressing the intersections of racism, gender disparities and disability inequality. She is committed to changing the discourse around disability and innovating schemes that equip other disabled people to excel in self-advocacy skills and create networks, whilst also pushing for necessary reform within the healthcare system.’