Carl Beer

Carl is the Chief Executive of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA). The Authority is responsible for around 650,000 tonnes of waste each year from over a million people.

The Authority is based in Liverpool, UK and manages waste recycling and disposal on behalf of six District Councils (Merseyside and Halton), running contracts and infrastructure to recycle waste and recover energy in the form of heat and power.

The Authority also runs a series of waste prevention, reuse and behavioural change programmes, including the Zero Waste website and Recycle Right campaigns, together with the LCR Circular Economy Club and a Community Fund grant scheme.

Carl works closely with constituent local authorities to develop the actions required to fulfil the Climate Action Plan, Pathways to Net Zero (carbon) and Zero Waste aims across the Liverpool City Region.

Carl is a member of the City Region Combined Authority Clean Growth Board.

Throughout his career, Carl has maintained an active interest in, and continues to promote, wider sustainability and environmental management, in particular, reporting against the UN SDG’s, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Resource Efficiency, and environmental support to businesses and community social enterprise.