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This is more than just a business festival. These three days have been designed to create a legacy for Liverpool City Region, from the seeds of ideas that will be planted, to the money we spend with local businesses.






Around you, this ethos has informed our decisions, reducing waste and creating furniture that will have life beyond the festival’s finale. We have been challenged to rethink things and reuse things; to recycle as a last resort.


Make CIC, which has made the ticket booths, planters and seating that you see here today, is working in partnership with Transition Liverpool on its sPark It project. Make is using sPark It’s pop-up designs to create the seating and signage around you. You’ve seen them here first. From May you’ll see them in sPark It’s pop-up parklets on Hope Street, where they will be supporting Liverpool’s independents, celebrating our arts scene and focusing on biodiversity, through events, workshops and exhibitions.


In our venues you’ll be drinking from biodegradable plastic, or good, old-fashioned glass. We’re working with local businesses to do that, to make sure as much of the money we spend supports the local economy.

And the a-frame you’re standing in front of is made from 100% recyclable board by our partners at PPL, manufactured to meet ISO14001 and 18001 standards.


We’ve sought out venues that show a wide variety of Liverpool life, from our Town Hall and cathedral crypt to a music venue, student centre and Baltic’s former warehouses. We have dressed them to emphasise Liverpool’s creativity, help visitors know where they are and bring a sense of continuity.


And, because this isn’t just another business event, we’re making sure that our actions match our intentions.


Make works with a hyper-local workforce, using sustainable construction practices and materials and avoiding virgin materials. These booths and benches have been designed to be accessible for users with differing needs. And Make’s projects are made within a five-mile radius of where you’re standing now, from sustainably-sourced, upcycled material, saved from landfill.


Make’s vision is to see people turn their passion into prosperity, through its services, support and resources. Transition Liverpool CIC is dedicated to education and wellbeing, support green projects that reduce or eliminate our use of fossil fuels, encourage recycling and support the development of a solidarity economy. PPL holds ISO20121:2012 accreditation in event sustainability management. There are many other examples.


Now look down at your wristband, which is studded with wildflower seeds. Don’t forget to plant it once you’re home and see those seeds take root, as the ideas germinate.


From tiny wristbands will mighty wildflowers grow.

We work with SCS to produce and install city dressing flags. They have developed sophisticated solutions to the control of process waste and obsolete products, post-use. Having already achieved the target of Zero to Landfill, SCS is now working to further improve its performance in relation to the waste hierarchy (Reduce, reuse, recycle).

Working with a pioneering partner SCS is now able to direct 100% of post-use product and process waste into segregated streams where it can be re-processed for use in secondary applications, This included polyester (flags, scrim, display graphics) Supported and unsupported PVC (Banners, Building wraps, Mesh). Metals, Aluminium, Steel, non-ferrous (flagpoles, display system) Wood, Paper and cardboard. SCS has invested in latest generation printing and finishing equipment which uses water-based or low VOC dye-stuffs and the lowest possible energy consumption.

Bay Media, who we work with for city dressing banners, is committed to seeking continuous improvements to reduce environmental impact. They are guided by their ethical principles and consider sustainability in all aspects of their business. Inspired by Blue Castle Ltd’s leading facilities and recycling mission, they are excited to be part of the business vision. Bay Media’s PVC and fabric banners are recycled through a proven method and you can see the full process on their website.


The Good Business Festival is passionately non-exclusive. It’s not about what you do or who you know. It’s not about agreeing on everything all of the time. It’s about everyone working towards a better world – no matter where you’re starting from.

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