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A roof of one’s own

Community-led housing in the UK is finally beginning to catch up with the ambitions of our European neighbours. But it needs support at a local level. Paul Kelly looks at…

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Food for thought

With the global population set to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, food stands at the forefront of our climate change and sustainability crisis. Mia Tagg takes a look at some of…

21 for ‘21

New businesses doing innovative, sustainable things, and older businesses doing fresh things: Mark Shayler picks 21 business that are making an impact in 2021. 

One year on

A year ago, Lynsey Hanley asked ‘do we really want to go back to normal?’ With a year behind us that has only increased inequality, what has changed? Is there…

Doing business better is no longer an optional extra, it’s essential for our survival. But it’s a journey of many steps, says Wayne Hemingway.

Feeding The People

Andrew Beattie speaks with four food businesses who’ve been through the Feeding the City incubator. He hears their stories, how they adapted to the coronavirus lockdown and their experiences in…

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The New Garden Cities

Let’s not miss the opportunity to create greener cities, says principal at international design practice Hassell, Mike Wood

The Snapshot 7

What does a new year promise? 2021 brought us renewed challenges – a new lockdown, vaccine inequality, fresh economic uncertainty and Brexit. We speak to business leaders around the world…

Herd Immunity

Gender inequality in our economy has delivered the same outcomes, over and again. What if our industrial strategy addressed sectors where women are marginalised and prioritised those dominated by women?…

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Sustainable Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the first German city to produce a local voluntary report to steer its development through the lens of the UN’s sustainable development goals. But the city has a…

The ability to measure social impact is central to achieving a new vision for the role of businesses in our communities, yet the development of social outcome metrics for business…

The Story of CoGo

Ben Gleisner, founder and CEO of CoGo talks to us about where the idea to create an app that tracks your carbon footprint came from, and turning the idea into…

The Snapshot 6

The business of buying and selling.

Footprint Friday

Is it time to permanently score-out Black Friday from our diaries and replace it with more general sustainable spending habits? CoGo’s Kyle MacNeill investigates.

Letter from the editors

Christmas trees and twinkling lights have been appearing in their hundreds. Never before* has November seen such an outpouring of Christmas spirit; giant spruces, wagon wheel wreaths and technicolour front…

The Power of Niche

Technology is reshaping the retail landscape, says Lauren Razavi

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Upending Retail

We need to think differently about consumption. When it’s a choice between green and growth, circular relationships are the goal, says Henry Leveson Gower.

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2020 has seen consumers place rising demands on the businesses they buy from. We’re increasingly judging companies on their corporate social responsibility, but the challenge is to make sure these…

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We look out for our people

Many of 2020’s innovations, we’re told, revolve around online answers. So what happens to businesses that are firmly bricks and mortar? We ask James Timpson.

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A Social History of Shopping

Shopping is an experience; nostalgic, exciting and memorable. But if we want our high streets to once again become a focus for the community, can the future learn from the…

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The Snapshot 5

How do cities actively engage with citizens and the private sector to drive innovation and influence how the city works? We asked city leaders from four cities around the world…

A Better Way

Covid shouldn’t distract us from wanting to create a fairer and more equal economy. Levelling up pay and working conditions has never been more important, says TUC leader Frances O’Grady….

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The Time is Now

2020 has been unexpected. Tough. Relentless. It’s thrown up challenges for businesses everywhere. But that might also make it the perfect time to have a conversation about good business.  

Making It Count

What do you need to do next to ensure your financial sustainability? How do we start to think about recovery and moving on? Mazars’ global head of privately owned business,…

Claire McColgan MBE, Director of Culture Liverpool and Executive Director of The Good Business Festival, shares her hopes for our home city as Act One launches.

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Everyday Action

How can we use the £3 trillion invested in pensions in the UK create a world that we want to live in, asks Make My Money Matter’s David Hayman?

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Slicing The Pie

CEO and exec pay has spiraled above that of staff. But it’s better for both businesses and communities if we all take a fairer share, says Louisa Burman.

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All that glitters isn’t green, says Mark Shayler

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Have there been real changes in business and/or society as a result of the BLM movement? When we compare instant reactions with longer term change and tangible outcomes, what needs…

The traffic’s back. We are officially moving on and moving back – to work and to school. Although for how much longer, we don’t know.

Lessons for the Future?

2020 has proved to be a year of economic and social challenges. Much has been said about the impact of Covid-19 on exam results and on the employment prospects of…

Norwegian Good

As it searches for a replacement for its oil and gas industries, Oslo has built a culture of sustainable innovation through public-private collaboration, says Ka Man Mak.  

What Does Ethical Mean?

When it comes to good business, how can we be ethical if we don’t know what it means, asks Bird Lovegod?

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15 Minute Cities

A doctor, a school, a local food shop… a post office. Julian Moss catches up on the latest moves to reclaim the streets of cities for people, and bring the…

Letter From The Editors

This issue, we’re preoccupied with cities and how we live and work. 2020 has been a year to… remember? Forget? Fundamentally challenge our beliefs about what we do and how…

Employee Ownership

New Belgium Brewing company was the John Lewis of America: a household brand with hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions in revenue – that just happened to be owned…

Head for the Hills

Will working from home help ‘level up’ the UK, asks Andrew Carter, chief executive of Centre for Cities?

Now Is The Moment

Guy Standing – Professorial Associate at SOAS University of London and co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network – tells us why business should back basic income.

We ask business leaders from Melbourne to Madrid how the good business community is reacting to the economic challenges of Covid-19. Did they feel supported by their national governments, and…

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What’s the point of talking about good business?

SDGs vs Covid-19

How do the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals translate into actions for businesses, especially in the light of Covid-19?

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Say it Out Loud

A conversation about social justice and racism, with Ben & Jerry’s global head of activism strategy, Chris Miller.

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Becoming a B-Corp

Hazel Sheffield talks to businesses going through the B Corp process about their challenges, questions and ambitions. How essential is it and what are the business benefits?

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New Writer’s Call

The Good Business Journal is always looking for new writers, new stories and new ideas from the world of good business.

Africa’s Response

David Parrish speaks to entrepreneurs across Africa to hear how different circumstances demand different approaches to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Aye, robot

Deborah Mulhearn speaks to two experts to challenge perceptions about the role of robotics and AI in the future of work.

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