What Can I Do When I Grow Up?


Dr Jamie Woodcock , Senior Lecturer at The Open University

Steve Rotherham, Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region

Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner, Wales

  • Future
  • Personal Purpose
  • Youth and Education

What can I do when I grow up?

The nature and function of work is changing, and the jobs of tomorrow won’t be the same as the jobs of today. With 65% of children entering primary school in the present day predicted to end up working in jobs that don’t exist yet, how do we plan for the world of work in 2050?

In ten years’ time, will there be such a thing as a ‘career’?

65% of children entering primary school now are predicted to work in jobs that don’t yet exist, so how can we support them? With the opportunities and threats posed by AI and automation, zero-carbon and now Covid, it’s almost impossible to imagine how work will emerge in the future. Join us to think about the jobs of the future, the purpose of work and the rise of automation, the gig economy and green renewal sector.


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