We’re Going to the Moon: The Crypto Minefield


Rory Cellan-Jones – BBC Technology Correspondent 

Kate Baucherel – Tech Writer


  • Consumer trends
  • Economics
  • Tech & Innovation

If you want to invest in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Chia, or non-fungible tokens, you’re gonna have to get with the lingo.

If your coin is  ‘going to the moon’ then that means your investment is rising off the charts. And if you’re reading this on a side of a bus, then you know it’s time to invest… at least that’s what the Bitcoin ads on the London buses tell you.

But hang – Bitcoin mining alone uses the same amount of power in a year as Argentina. So this is not something for the purposeful and sustainable wannabe investor. It’s surely the antithesis of everything we think should be good about business – or is it? There are many who argue that there is something empowering about cutting out banks – it means people in oppressed countries can be paid for work without the authorities finding out, for example. And the relatively new concept – the non-fungible token – means musicians will get paid properly for their music, instead of getting ripped off by streaming sites

BBC Tech Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones and digital strategist and sci-fi writer, Kate Baucherel, get together to clear it all up for us.



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