We Are Going Out of Fashion

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Eve Kekeh, Founder of Bundlee, Forbes 30 Under 30

Tamara Cincik, Founder and CEO at Fashion Roundtable LTD

Joanna Dai, Founder and CEO at DAI Fashion


  • Ethics
  • Consumer trends
  • Retail

The ethical fashion sector continues to struggle to make inroads into an industry dominated by companies who are short on ethics and whose purpose is focused solely on generating profit by engineering a blind desire to look good.

How have we become conditioned as humans to put our aesthetic above caring about the future of our planet and the people that suffer and die from making our clothes?

Whose job is it to stop the fourth most environmentally damaging industry in its tracks?

Is it the consumers shopping on the high streets or is it the responsibility of world leaders, corporations and influencers that profit from the fast fashion brands?


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