The Solutions Salon – Local Goes National


Henry Leveson-Gower – Founder and CEO, Promoting Economic Pluralism

Steve Brown – Director of Cyber Security, Mastercard

Andrew Sandoz – CCO, Deloitte

Bernard Hay – Programme Lead, Design Council

Rosie Stock-Jones – Senior Research Analyst, Centre for Progressive Policy

Christine Vaudrey – Group Director of Strategy and Communications, Torus Group

  • Big Thinking
  • Economics
  • Place & Society

The Solutions Salon is a live lab to explore how business can be a force for good in practice. The salon group, which is made up of economists, engineers, designers, public servants and architects, are tasked with tackling a societal issue and creating practical solutions to resolve it.

The project centres on the effect the Coronavirus pandemic has had on the role of business in the local community and society as a whole. Through the current crisis we have witnessed the increased demands on business to step up and take responsibility for the people they employ and serve. Framed within the context of the Levelling Up agenda and focused on localism, this project aims to build on and harness the growing trend towards social responsibility and accountability of businesses.

We believe business has the potential to change society for the good. The Solutions Salon group will develop a framework which can be used by businesses to enable them to be engaged with the communities they serve, acting as stewards of their place in order to cement bonds between businesses and local people. The model will be developed by working closely with three businesses from three different sectors, who will trial and test the framework. We hope that by producing a flexible framework, the Solutions Salon model can be adopted and then adapted by businesses.

Learn more about The Solutions Salon concept here.


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