The Devil Wears Boohoo

  • Ethics
  • Consumer trends
  • Retail

The recent demise of Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia has signalled the end of an era for the high street but not for fast fashion.

Whilst the demand for sustainable and ethical products is growing with particular pressure mounting from Millennials and Gen Z’s, and second hand shopping on the rise, we are also witnessing the growth of the ‘8p black dress’ as online retail outlets like Boohoo and Shein emerge as new, even more sinister forces in the field of fast fashion. Despite the uncovering of horrific working conditions in factories and countless health, social and environmental scandals, the success of these retailers continues to grow exponentially.

When it comes to fashion we hit something of a paradox. Although more environmentally engaged than ever before we are still seduced by a killer bargain and ‘what’s hot’ now. How do we halt the huge growth of these proven non-good businesses and encourage an industry which is rooted in caring for both people and planet?


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