The Best Way to Run a Business


Dee Corrigan – Head of Corporate Engagement, Blueprint for Better Business

Jenny Herrera – CEO, Good Business Charter

Lynn Collins – Regional Secretary, Northwest TUC

  • Economics
  • Disruption
  • Future

Blueprints for business, B Corp status, signing up to the Good Business Charter, recognising a trade union…

There is now more than one way for firms to show they care about their staff, their environment and their local communities. But which is the best? This session will look at the similarities and differences between four groups. Are there crucial differences or , by the end of the session, will we have created a movement of movements?


The Good Business Festival is passionately non-exclusive. It’s not about what you do or who you know. It’s not about agreeing on everything all of the time. It’s about everyone working towards a better world – no matter where you’re starting from.

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