Reclaiming the Future

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The Adebowale Social Investment Commission launched in February 2022 online. Fusion 21, based in Merseyside, sponsored the Adebowale Commission and supported this launch event along with Social Enterprise UK.

The Commission’s remit was to investigate the current state of the UK’s social investment market and how it could better serve the growth of social enterprise. In its report, Reclaiming the Future: Reforming Social Investment for the Next Decade, the commission calls for an injection of nearly £800m of new money into UK social investment over the next decade to make it work for social enterprises, to increase access to investment from minority groups and across all UK regions.

This event and the report it is based on are about increasing the scale and access of investment into social enterprises, relevant to anyone working in or with social enterprises that are seeking investment.

Specifically, this event was an opportunity for social enterprises, investors, service providers and private, public and charitable partners to come together on the back of the recent Adebowale Commission Report into social investment to:

  1. Understand more about the Commission’s recommendations to increase the scale and reach of social investment into social enterprises, commenting directly to Commissioners about these;

  2. Discuss the specific needs of different social businesses and communities for social investment in Liverpool and the North West;

  3. Suggest how the social enterprise market in Liverpool and the North West can be strengthened as part of local economic strategies, contributing to agendas like Levelling Up and Net Zero


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