Recipe for Disaster

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The food industry is one of the most ecologically destructive on the planet. Our expanding tastes (and waistlines) and demand for availability has turned the food industry into a fat carbon monster.

Food businesses have direct influence over consumer food choices and can play a critical role in creating a better food system.

Supermarkets are the prime driver of food culture in the UK. Only a small number of corporations dominate food retailing: just eight companies control 95.7% of our food supply and retail market.

Setting the principles for the UK food system – putting produce into policy and tackling waste in the food supply chain through better transport, infrastructure and innovative ways of dealing with waste.
The result is easily disrupted just-in-time supermarket food supply lines, and a risky assumption that anything we need can easily be bought on global markets. The latter becomes problematic when in response to global shortages, governments around the world understandably choose to meet their domestic needs first.

This is a recipe for disaster. How do we change the way food is produced, sold and consumed?


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