Making it Count

– The Power of Your Pension

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Jacinta Dillon – Partnerships Manager, Make My Money Matter

Holly McElhone – Press and Communications Manager, Make My Money Matter

Rebecca O’Connor – Founder and Director, Good With Money

Councillor Pat Cleary – Green Party councillor, Birkenhead & Tranmere ward of Wirral Council


  • Economics
  • Future

Do you know where your pension money is, what it’s funding, what it’s supporting? Is it damaging the environment or protecting it? Supplying weapons or sustaining crops?

“It’s time for pensions to help create a world that we all want to retire into and that we want our children to grow up into. And businesses are the necessary heroes. The public needs you to be brave and take the lead.” Richard Curtis

UK pension funds fuel some of the world’s most destructive and unsustainable industries, from fossil fuels to weaponry and tobacco. At this critical moment in history, our money matters more than ever. Do we continue to invest against our values, and fund dinosaur industries of the past, or do we commit to building a better future for ourselves and future generations by aligning our money with our values?

In this session we learn the business case for sustainable investing and the practical steps to align your pension with your values.


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