It’s Good to Share

  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Future

The development of a covid-19 vaccine in record time was in no small part down to partnerships being forged between traditional rivals in a way that has not been seen before. 

Commercial rivals coming together for the common good. And benefiting as a result. 

Open source sharing of ideas has been used across tech and creative industries for a while, and in many sectors the movement of workforce between a small number of companies sees ideas and practices be shared in an unplanned but crucial way. 

In industries where innovation is critical, should sharing be the model for the future? Is opening up your ideas and developments to your rivals commercial madness, or actually does everyone see a benefit when ideas and developments are shared and resource and money stops being duplicated?


The Good Business Festival is passionately non-exclusive. It’s not about what you do or who you know. It’s not about agreeing on everything all of the time. It’s about everyone working towards a better world – no matter where you’re starting from.

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