Hungry for Change – What food is good for us, our planet and business?


Charlotte Hardman – Department of Psychological Science, University of Liverpool

Dave Critchley – Executive Chef, LuBan

Paul Myers – Managing Director, Farm Urban

Professor Jonathan Rushton – Professor of Animal Health and Food Systems Economics

  • Big Thinking
  • Place & Society
  • Food

The food system is a delicately connected web of logistics, economics, cultures, preferences, businesses, and individuals.

The weeks leading up to Brexit, and the first weeks of the pandemic, reminded us how vulnerable our supply chains are, but these are just the most striking examples of how dependent we are on others for our food.

Many of us will try to be ethical consumers, whether that is in choosing fair trade, organic, or locally produced food, or through other criteria. But is this enough, and even more challengingly, does it matter? The complexity of global food movements, the multi-billionpound companies overseeing our supply chains, and the distance from farm to fork, means it is dauntingly difficult to know what good business looks like.

To consider how we might do this we’ll discuss the Government’s National Food Strategy and the root causes of unhealthy diet, whether greening our urban spaces can build better food systems, and the role of supermarkets in our collective health.


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