Hungry for Change


Britain’s ability to feed itself has been in long-term decline.

The food systems we choose have a direct impact on which type of world we want to live in.
We have access to a greater range of ingredients at better prices than at any time in human history, yet we only produce 53% of our own food in the UK.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the fragility of our fragile just-in-time supply chain, and now Brexit imperils the health of a nation whose food supply was already under threat from climate change and shifting global markets.
Our global, profit-driven, meat-centred food system could easily collapse and is making us sick.

Consumers are increasingly questioning where our food comes from and how it is produced, yet negative impact on the planet, societal costs and consequences for public health are not currently measured or factored into our existing food systems.

A depleted agriculture sector which produces only around half of the food we actually eat, leaving us at the mercies of the international markets; and production methods which are damaging to the environment threatens to spiral into a crisis of hunger and poor health.

We need a radical rethink.

How do we reinvent the way we feed ourselves to create a more diverse, sustainable and fairer supply chain and improve both human health and the environment?


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