Giving Back To The Twelfth Man


Jamie Carragher – Football Broadcaster

Kate Ellison – Director of Housing Growth and Strategy, Torus

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  • Place & Society
  • Sport

Football, without fans, is nothing. They give their all and go through emotional turmoil for their club every season.

So what can football give back?

A new partnership between Torus, and the Fowler-Carragher Academy, has secured the future of Melwood’s iconic training facilities building, and developed plans for affordable mixed-use housing which will promote multi-generational living….and an education academy training centre run by ex LFC players, Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler….oh, and a swimming pool and gymnastics hub training centre run by Beth Tweddle!

With all this expertise and sporting excellence, will Melwood become the dream location?


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