Changing for Good


Dee Corrigan – Head of Corporate Engagment at Blueprint for Better Business

Jenny Herrera – CEO at The Good Business Charter

James Ghaffari – Director of Growth and Product at BLab

  • Big Thinking
  • Disruption
  • Future

There is now more than one way for businesses to show they care about their staff, local communities and the environment. Blueprints, B-corps, charters and trade unions, are there to help businesses commit to purpose beyond profit.

In this session we hear from the OG’s of good business accreditors on why they are united behind a common purpose that believes in business as the catalyst for positive change. They will show you why alternative measures, validators, indices and benchmarks can help your business scale responsibly and achieve competitive advantage whilst doing good for both people and planet.


The Good Business Festival is passionately non-exclusive. It’s not about what you do or who you know. It’s not about agreeing on everything all of the time. It’s about everyone working towards a better world – no matter where you’re starting from.

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