Changing for Good – Opening Film


Participants to be announced

  • Big Thinking
  • Climate Emergency
  • Economics
  • Disruption

The principles of good business aren’t a choice, they’re the only way forward for growth and profit.

We believe that positive change is possible. We don’t believe in judging any person or business only on their previous actions – but neither will we brush difficult topics under the carpet. What’s important is transparency about the past, and a focus on future ambition.

We believe every business can become a catalyst for change, can contribute to the common good of humanity and has the power to influence how our future unfolds.

 As the world reboots after Covid-19 restrictions, we have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis; to make the economy greener and more sustainable; to reduce the gaps in social cohesion that have being exposed and accelerated by coronavirus; to redraw how we measure value in society and in business and reframe the boundaries of economics. 


The Good Business Festival is passionately non-exclusive. It’s not about what you do or who you know. It’s not about agreeing on everything all of the time. It’s about everyone working towards a better world – no matter where you’re starting from.

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