Changing for Good – Horizon Scanning


Dr Molly Morgan-Jones – Director of Policy and Engagement, The British Academy

Ravi Gurumurthy – CEO, Nesta

Andrew Sandoz – CCO, Deloitte

  • Big Thinking
  • Disruption
  • Future
  • Place & Society

Our environment, our wellbeing, and our society – three experts tell us how they think the world will look in the next ten years

Locked away in their attics for the last twelve months, analysts at think tanks and consultancies have had plenty of time to, well…. analyse.  

The United Nations, The World Health Organisation, Forbes and the LSE, are just some of the institutions calling for society and business to ‘build back better’. We keep hearing about a reset, but what might that look like?

Deloitte, British Academy and Nesta tell us how they think the world should move on.


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