TGBF x ASPEN – Is the Wellness Industry Making Us Sick?

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Hosted by Penny Richards – Managing Director, Aspen Institute UK

Hilda Burke – Integrative Psychotherapist

Jolawn Victor – Chief International Officer, Headspace

Sarah Law – National VP, Arbonne

Sarah Greenidge – Founder, WellSpoken

  • Ethics
  • Consumer trends
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Retail

The wellness industry is valued globally at $4.5 trillion.

With expenditures more than half as large as global health’s $7.8 trillion, this industry represents a staggering 5.3 percent of global economic output and covers personal care, beauty and anti-aging; healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss, wellness tourism and fitness.

Revolutionised by the digital age, the options for self-care are limitless, easily tailored to personal needs and abilities – and unbound the regulatory limits of institutional healthcare. An industry that actively celebrates our power to help ourselves should be encouraged.

Yet, the monetisation of personal health goals, particularly on such an immense scale, poses a huge risk to the physical, mental, and financial well being of the consumer. Insecurities and ailments equal profit, and regardless of the current trend, the industry is designed to highlight and sometimes to invent them. The goals are set by the industry that profits from their pursuit – this is dangerous.


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