Any Freeport in a Climate Storm

Set aboard the historic Daniel Adamson Steam ship cruising the Port and Liverpool and Runcorn Docks, this session looks at The Green Highway and the role of Freeports in decarbonising UK supply chains.

Freeports are a central pillar of Government policy in terms of economic growth and form a major part of the levelling up agenda in the UK. The Liverpool City Region is one of eight Freeports in England to be working with UK Government on developing a full business case. As part of this, the Liverpool City Region Freeport could play a key role in the Net Zero ambitions of the region and the wider North West of England. Using multiple modes of transport (rail, water and air as well as road) and alternative fuel sources like hydrogen, wind and tidal, the Freeport has the opportunity to be a test bed for decarbonising entire supply chains.

What are the opportunities and challenges of a Freeport system, and can it help us to meet the North West climate targets?

As well as the main conversation, the ship will also host an emersive audio visual experience by Kate Davies. ‘By the Sound of Things’ looks at the modern shipping imdustry and its impact on consumerism in local and global environments, and was commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices as part of their 2021 festival.


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