Jane Goodall meets Patagonia


Dr Jane Goodall DBE – Primatologist

Lucy Siegle – Journalist

Beth Thoren – Environmental Action and Initiatives Director, Patagonia


  • Big Thinking
  • Climate Emergency
  • Health & Life Sciences

We’ve got to stop thinking that business as usual can carry on – because it can’t.”

Compelling words from world renowned conservationist and recent winner of the Templeton Prize Jane Goodall.  But do businesses have any intention of changing their ways?  Patagonia has been at the forefront of purposeful business for x years, and have been on a mission to get business to do better all this time.  What will it take for the business world to change and do these juggernauts of purposeful living have any advice for each other and those out there wanting to act now?  The Good Business Festival has the pleasure of bringing you Jane Goodall in conversation with Beth Thoren from Patagonia.


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