1 Billion People – Disability and Good Business


Caroline Casey – Founder, The Valuable 100

Steve Hatch – VP Facebook Northern Europe

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In America, 98% of companies think that inclusion is important. Yet only 4 out of 10 people with disabilities in the US have a job.

Fifty percent of companies operating in the OECD countries would rather pay a fine than fulfilling the requirement, as written in the law, to include people with disability.

Over 54% of global boards have never had a conversation about disability.

The World Health Organisation estimates that there are one billion people (that’s 15%, or one in seven of us) in the world currently living with a disability. While diversity and inclusion are slowly becoming mainstream in the world of business, disability diversity and inclusion continues to remain a minority issue. Unconscious bias and stigma, misconceptions around costs of inclusion, and leadership awareness are just some of the reasons disability continues to sit at the fringes of the business landscape.

Businesses and wider society cannot continue to ignore the value of those one billion people – a community which represents an estimated global spending of $8 trillion a year. Excluding people with disabilities cost countries up to 7% of their annual GDP.

In our post pandemic recovery phase business must be at the forefront of accelerating change to end the disability inequality crisis. According to Caroline Casey “This problem is too big for governments and charities alone to resolve. It needs the most powerful force on this planet… business. As we reset our system, our recovery needs to be inclusive of everyone.”


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